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Through innovative technology, failsafe systems and a flexible approach, our team of experts go above and beyond to ensure that the day-to-day needs of our clients are met. At Overnight Logistics we pride ourselves in adding value to our customers by designing and implementing end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions that enable them to achieve their objectives.

Transport And Redistribution

If you are wanting to control and drive efficiency through your supply chain – we can help. At Overnight Logistics we have sophisticated routing and planning systems that allow us to model the most efficient method of collection, transportation, and distribution of your product. We oversee and monitor a national fleet of trucks that operate throughout South Africa. We have formed strategic alliances with reputable service providers to maximise the utilisation of our fleet to meet our customers’ demands at the best cost and with less impact to the environment.

Our Transport And Redistribution Services Include:

  • Transport Management Solutions for large corporate clients
  • Containerized cargo movements from all major ports
  • X Haul, unpack and inland transport solutions of import and export
  • Express dedicated transport within automotive Just-In-Time (JIT) supply
  • National distribution through a distribution network

Specialised And Niche Services

Across our Overnight Logistics network, you can choose the value-adding services to support your supply chain and logistics solutions needs. Value-added services (VAS) are services that add something to pure logistics. Usually, they are jobs the customer would otherwise have to do themselves. The term value-added services mean much more than post-production work. They include services along the entire value creation chain.

Our Specialised And Niche Services Include:

  • A re-packaging service where items are combined to create a new item such as bottles get screws or lids and other applications
  • Corporate clothing solutions, sizing, cutting plans, up to final delivery.
  • Re-packing and re-labelling


At Overnight Logistics, our warehousing solutions are designed with the unique requirements specific to the relevant industry in which our clients operate. Our strategically located warehouses ensure we are in close proximity to customers, providing you with the needed flexibility and agility. Consol Glass is a sterling example that reflects our ability in this area where we manage the entire end-to-end process post manufacture of finished goods through to shopping to final destinations.

Our Warehousing Services Include:

  • Currently provide warehousing services 200,000 SQM
  • Total Overnight Logistics warehousing 410,000 SQM
  • On-site Warehouse Management and Overnight Logistics facilities
  • Manage facilities on SAP systems
  • 24 hour shifts and security

Warehouse dimensions:


  • OVNL Alrode Open Yard Storage: 91,000m2
  • OVNL Union Park Warehouse: 26,000m2
  • OVNL Roodekop Warehouse: 18,000m2


  • OVNL Mobeni Warehouse: 10,000m2

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